Knitting Pattern Central Website Review & Ratings + Knitting Pattern Central Coupons
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Knitting Pattern Central Website Review & Ratings + Knitting Pattern Central Coupons

Knitting Pattern Central : Products & Services

Knitting Pattern Central, as the name says, is an online directory of a huge number of links of knitting patterns and tutorials. To be exact, it contains 15743 links in its store at present. It gives helpful guides, tips and tutorials to beginners as well as experienced knitters. There are over 50 categories of tutorials and designs to choose from, which include hats, clothing, toys, dishcloths and a lot more. They provide a short close up video on how to knit. This video demonstates where the yarn is "thrown" (wrapped) around the right needle before pulling the stitch through. It's also possible, and perhaps more fluid, to throw the yarn without letting go of the right needle. To see how it's all put together, they have a more detailed demo with the illustration.

Knitting Pattern Central : Company Background

The headquarters of Knitting Pattern Central is situated on the 2885 Stanford Avenue, SW #19781, Grandville, Michigan, 49418. This website started its journey in 2004, and since then it has collected quite a remarkable number of knitting designs and tutorials. No evidence of the staffs and people related with the development of this website has been found. But as it is and ad-supported website, there is a strong chance that the people who run this website did not make it any business or organization.

Knitting Pattern Central : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Although no direct reviews and comments regarding Knitting Pattern have been found when searched, there are a number of websites which have compared this website to others which are similar to it. One of these proofs is found on, where the customer has stated that many useful and free knitting patterns can be found for free on Knitting Pattern They also have a forum where memebers can go to have discussions.

Knitting Pattern Central : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Knitting Pattern does not fall in the category of any type of business. This website does not sell any of its knitting patterns or tutorials to the people who visit this page. So it seems that the main source of income of this website is the ads found in various places of this website. This website has an estimated income of $30000 per year from its ads. It mainly uses the social networking methods to make itself known to the online community. The company is not featured on the BBB website.

Knitting Pattern Central : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Knitting Pattern has been ranked by as the 77873rd website in the world-wide traffic rankings. However, it has not yet been reviewed. In the US, this website stands in the 26589th place. It has a remarkable number of 1431 sites linking in with it. On the other hand, the Page Rank Checker of Google has given this website 4 out of 10 possible points.

Knitting Pattern Central : Social Media Presence

Knitting Pattern has several pages on some of the most famous social networking sites of the world. The most popular of these is the Facebook Page of Knitting Pattern, which has the good opinions (likes) of 1503 Facebook users and is updated quite regularly. There is no twitter page of Knitting Pattern, but there are 50 tweets about this website. Knitting Pattern has also got its YouTube channel, with four subscribers.

Knitting Pattern Central : Website Security & Safety

Knitting Pattern does not sell any of its knitting patterns and tutorials. So it apparently does not need any type of secure connection to its visitors. Knitting Pattern Central showed a positive result when tested with the Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic. It was not infected by any type of malware in the past ninety days, nor has it acted as an intermediary site for any malware. Moreover, it has never hosted any malware in its sites.

Knitting Pattern Central : Pricing & Packages

Knitting Pattern provides the entire tutorial and pattern links to its visitors for free. For that reason, it does not really need to sell anything. On the contrary, the website is planning to open up features to sell materials such as clothes and toys with the desired knitting patterns of the customers on them.

Knitting Pattern Central : Shipping Rates & Policies

Due to the nature of this company where it is an online directory of a huge number of links of knitting patterns and tutorials, it currently does not provide a shipping policy. Shipping does not apply as no direct product is offered. The company only provides a service accessible to customers without the mean of anything physical being shipped. Shipping fees are therefore exempted from all payments that will be charged to customers when final arrangements are made.

Knitting Pattern Central : Payment Methods Accepted

As Knitting Pattern Central does not sell anything to its visitors, it therefore does not need to set any type of payment methods on the website. However, if the website carries out the plan of designing and selling patterns in the future, it may need some ways to receive the payments from its future customers.

Knitting Pattern Central : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Due to no requirement of selling the knitting patterns, Knitting Pattern Central does not offer any type of return or refund policy to its visitors. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that it will not require that type of policies in the future if it starts selling as not all customers will be happy with its products.

Knitting Pattern Central : Product images & screenshots
Knitting Pattern Central Coupons
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